Sascha S. Soheili ~
Business Developer & Social Entrepreneur ...

just one more "player" in the famous GOML - "German Online Marketeers League".

Partners, friends and a lot of clients who engage him as consultant
... mostly in order of Mouth2Mouth Marketing - called him:

"An extra ordinary person and one of the best internet consultants in munich"

Sascha is professional seo-consultant, webdesigner, coder, developer.
He is maininvestor, digital marketing expert and CEO of weblike Network.

In 2011 ~ weblike ® reached a new level and becoming a media brand.

New experts joined the webagency team in Germany, France, Spain & Italy.

Impulsive domains and the eKiosk plattform recieved venture capital in 2013.
weblike is well on its way to get known as innovative in digital marketing services.

Back to Sascha...
you can call him an "usability and google expert".

The last 10 years he gained experience as web-designer and working together with companies / brands like, Gourmondo, La Nuova Casa, macromedia, mediantis.AG, T-Mobile Deutschland, Vorwerk, Who's Perfect and

According to the weblike claim "ahead of the times"

... since 2006 he give his advice to sustainable NGOs like UNEP, academic projects and initiatives, start-ups, eye catching web-projects, online plattforms, universities, corporate brands, SMBs and some international companies.

Sascha supports a lot of upcoming and talented artists, producer and djs like FFW, daniele di martino or JUUN, famous songwriters & a few - indipendent - electronic record labels. we ♥ a brand new Music Magazine was born!

For Google I/O in 2011 and for the "Summer of Code" project he started the weblike devSessions. A way to bring the GEEKS and/or NERDs in his home "BaJAVAria" back from online social networks to real life, work and social in a great atmosphere.

At one of his synaptic fireworks ...
he restarted developing a 2007 founded project called Together - with Felix vom Endt the owner and well known BeerExpert - they created an APP to gather german breweries together - spreading their Beer Culture all over the World.

The big capability in long tail sites was revealed by i-Consulting market research.

DEVlike a new divison started to implement special theme blogs maintained by professional editors. The Funsport Mag and Fit4Life started in 2010
... focused on a young, modern and financially strong target group.

A new tool to empowering community websites was born.
MySwarm combines corporate branding goals with social business.

Untrodden paths, new divisions:
In 2011 weblike Praxismarketing was founded.

A team of consulting & internet specialists focused on
healthcare and docbiz apps, mobile and web development.

SoLoMo - The year of upper bavarian projects
Regional and tourist-information, Tegernsee and Kochelsee.
Emerged from these "access point projects" a new company founded.

The Bavarian lakes .info corporation.

To supply corporate inquires the agency precious events was born.
A team of professional social, incentive, sport and event managers.

Personal goals and weblike growths until 2020
Doin' a world-journey and settle down on the caribian islands.
- 2012 first step "USA-trip" and visiting london, eivissa and india.

In the meanwhile i am supporting Perger Säfte from Breitbrunn at Ammersee
the best organic fruit juice company in Germany or let's say worldwide.
Taste it... you'll ♥ it.

follow me @twitter... to be continued :-)

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